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Pit Liquor Spray-On Natural Deodorant 100ml (Coconut Rum With Lime)

Brand: Pit Liquor
SKU: PitLiquor_CocoRumLime100ml

Our most popular limited edition deodorant is now a permanent part of the lineup. Welcome to the fold, Coconut Rum.

Coconut is the star of the show in this AMAZING SMELLING deodorant. Lime adds just enough zest to dip into the start of summer and offset the round fragrance notes of the coconut. Unlike some of our other deodorants, this one will stick with you throughout the day, ensuring you catch a whiff of coconut even at the end of your day. This will transport you directly to a beach with plenty of ambient waves and sun to cure any woes. 

This one smells so good, we can't stop smelling ourselves, and we're guessing you'll feel the same way.

Patent Pending.
100ml bottle (lasts 3-4 months)