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Pit Liquor Coconut Rum with Lime - 50ml Roller Deodorant Men's Roll-On Deodorant Travel Size 50ml bottle

Brand: Pit Liquor
SKU: PitLiquor_CocoRumLimeRollOn50ml


Our most popular limited has now become permanent! Thanks for letting us know how much you love Coconut Rum with Lime. It's here to stay!

Coconut is the star of the show in this AMAZING SMELLING deodorant. Lime adds just enough zest to dip into the start of summer and offset the round fragrance notes of the coconut. Unlike some of our other deodorants, Coconut Rum with Lime will stick with you throughout the day, ensuring you catch a whiff of coconut even at the end of your day. This will transport you directly to a beach with plenty of ambient waves and sun to cure any woes.

This one smells so good, we can't stop smelling ourselves, and we're guessing you'll feel the same way. 


Our Proud Ingredients

There are no inactive ingredients.

We like to say that our products don't contain any inactive ingredients. Why put something in there if it's not part of the solution? So, we're careful to craft deodorant only using ingredients that pull their weight. Even the things we use to scent the deodorant do double duty as antimicrobial stink-fighters. Here's what we use:

Organic Vodka and Whiskey form our first line of defense and they are the base of the deodorant. We use overproof vodka and whiskey because they're quite effective at killing unwanted microbes. The deodorant works on contact by obliterating the bacteria that are causing you to smell. Have you ever met a grandpa-type who cleans with vodka? They're out there, and they're on to something.

Organic Arrowroot is the powder you'll notice sitting on the bottom of the bottle. It's the reason you need to shake the bottle, you need a bit of it in every spritz and you don't want it to clog the spray nozzle. But we have it in the deodorant for several awesome reasons. First of all, it helps keep your armpits feeling a bit drier. Secondly, and most importantly, it is anti-microbial. It carries on the good work the whiskey and vodka began by keeping your pits a zone that is unfriendly to stink-factories (bacteria). Arrowroot is used in the kitchen in place of cornstarch. It's a thickener. But that's not how it functions in our deodorant.

Himalayan Salt helps us denature our liquor bases so they taste nasty and are only used as intended. Salt also helps keep you a bit drier longer. It also is functionally anti-microbial in nature.

Organic Tea Extracts are made with vodka and steeped for maximum efficacy. These each possess antimicrobial properties.