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Women's fragrance Classica Donna - Perfume Acqua dell'Elba (100mililiters)

About the product
  • Classica Donna is inspired by an island where the scent of the flowers and the sea arouse our senses of awareness of self and time. The destination may always be different, however it is always a whimsical island.
  • A flowery fragrance for her with notes of flowers: orange, myrtle, gardenia and jasmine. Sea: marine citrus. Woods: Mediterranean shrubs.
  • ABOUT ACQUA DELL ELBA: The scent collection represents the essence of the island of Elba within the Tuscan Archipelago. The fragrances pay tribute to the island's wild flowers, herbs and citrus, the beauty and the scent of the sea and the breezes that carry these essences around the island.
  • ON THE SCENTS: The fragrance compositions are authentic, free from the superfluous, and made just for those who love simplicity, transparency, and beauty. They evoke the charm of the Elban landscape, its art and culture, and its simple, natural way of life.