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WHEN Skincare Simply When Fantastic 5 (Assorted Cotton Linter Masks 5-pack Set) Skincare Face Masks Sheets for Varying Skincare Benefits

Brand: When
SKU: When_SimplyWhenFantasic5_SWFFA


  • Enjoy a night in with Simply When. Simply When's ultra-soft cotton Bemliese masks are light and breathable, yet still offer a amazing delivery of essential nutrients to your skin.
  • Choose from different masks addressing different skin concerns for a refreshing 20-minute mini spa experience! 5 baby soft masks depending on your skin's needs.
  • Cosmic Calm to SOOTHE your stressed out skin. Future Fresh to SMOOTH OUT flaky, patchy skin.
  • Present Perfect to FIRM UP your worn out skin. Snow Song to ILLUMINATE dull-looking skin. Water Wish to HYDRATE dry skin.
  • Ultra soft Cotton Linter Bemliese masks have excellent fluid absorption and retention, delivering vital nutrients to your skin.