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WASH WITH JOE Invigorating Coffeemint Bodywash


The Scoop
Did you know that coffee is also a fabulous health & beauty aid? In fact, it may do more for your outsides than it does for your insides! Coffee with caffeine has both anti-inflammatory and tightening and firming qualities. For years, caffeine has been used to reduce cellulite because it dehydrates fat cells; skin on buttocks and thighs become smoother.

Coffee – The Antioxidant
Coffee with caffeine is starting to get lots of attention for its antioxidant properties when used topically. In fact, research suggests that topical caffeine may offer powerful anti-carcinogenic benefits. One particularly promising study suggested that topical caffeine may also repair UV damage - and may prove to be a stronger antioxidant than green tea.

WASH WITH JOE gives you an invigorating jumpstart to your day. The uplifting blend of coffee and mint helps revitalize body and mind. A richly foaming bath and shower gel, this effective cleanser leaves you superbly refreshed and clean.

Paraben free, certified vegan and never tested on animals.

Size: 16oz