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VoCe Haircare Thermal Heat Mask 4.5 fl oz Heat Damage Hair Repair Mask

SKU: VoceHaircare_ThermalHeatMaskT044


Alcohol-Free Heat-Protectant Mist and mask that helps maintain healthy hair by protecting against thermal damage and hot tools. Its unique weightless application makes it possible to use on dry or damp hair before using any type of heat-styling tool. 

Protects against all forms of heat up to 450°F/230°C. Acceptable on all hair types and textures. 

Key Benefits
Heat Protection, Increases Shine, and Conditions  

How to use
Shake well. Before using hot tools, separate into small sections and apply 1-2 mist onto each section. Continue with style.

On damp hair
Mist generously and evenly six inches away from damp hair. Comb through and blow-dry. Style hair with hot tools while protecting your hair.  

On dry hair
Mist generously and evenly six inches away from dry hair. Follow with a flat iron or curling iron.


Your path to healthier hair should start with

VoCê Haircare. 

Our philosophy is to help you care for your hair with our vegan-based line of haircare, styling and finishing products made with globally harvested ingredients and contains certified organic extracts. 


Paraben - Free

Sulfate - Free

Cruelty Free

Vegan Friendly