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VoCe Haircare Leave In Miracle Conditioner

SKU: VoceHaircare_MiracleDetanglerT018

Make combing easy with VoCê LEAVE.IN MIRACLE spray.  

This lightweight miracle conditioner is an easy-to-use spray that quickly moisturizes and nourishes your hair for tangle-free locks and amazing shine. Wheat protein adds strength and binds moisture to your hair.  Ideal for use prior to heat styling.

Spray evenly throughout towel dried hair and comb through your tangles. Do not rinse.

Wheat Protein adds richness and texture to the conditioner while moisture-retaining properties improve the overall appearance of the hair.

Thickens hair by up to 10% and repairs damaged hair.


Your path to healthier hair should start with VoCê Haircare. 

Our philosophy is to help you care for your hair with our vegan-based line of haircare, styling and finishing products made with globally harvested ingredients and contains certified organic extracts. 


Paraben - Free

Sulfate - Free

Cruelty Free

Vegan Friendly