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Elizabeth W Vetiver Body Lotion


This Vetiver hand wash from elizabethW is a unique "soapless" cleanser designed to nourish the hands, eliminate odors, and gently remove impurities. The product gives a sumptuous lather that purifies the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Bursting with nutritious extracts to caress your hands, this hand wash transforms the simple, utilitarian act of hand washing into a spa-like experience. Your skin will be protected against drying and cracking, even after rinsing, due to premium ingredients such as sea kelp and aloe vera. And the lingering signature fragrances from elizabethW complete the experience. The Vetiver signature scent is earthy, woody, and confident. It is an original creation of heavy vetiver, balanced with light, citrus tones and green tints of bergamot from peels of nearly ripe fruit. Made by elizabethW in San Francisco, this hand wash includes 8 ounces.

Earthy and Woody Vetiver Fragrance
8 ounces