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UMA Absolute Anti-Aging Body Oil

Brand: UMA
SKU: UMA_AntiAgingBodyOil_3oz


ABSOLUTE ANTI-AGING BODY OIL. This luxurious body oil is the only moisturizer you’ll ever need to maintain glowing skin from head to toe. Indulgent botanicals such as sandalwood, rose, and neroli rapidly soothe, lock in moisture and deeply hydrate cracked skin.

REDEFINE LUXURY. Luxury is more than a label - it’s a statement of exquisite craftsmanship, investment of time, and attention to detail. Every bottle of UMA is the culmination of rich tradition, powerful science, and above all, love.

AGE-OLD SECRETS. Beloved by royalty, UMA’s potent (and secret) formulas have long adorned the beauty regiments of princesses and queens and continue to do so today. Their unique line of products were created to bring pristine ingredients and centuries of knowledge to you in an intimate form.

RESULTS THAT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. UMA’s team of scientists have refined the steps of their organic farming techniques, allowing each ingredient to be nutrient rich, remarkably effective, and ever so gentle.

ORGANIC RAISED BOTANICALS. Carefully chosen for its nutritious oil, all botanicals are raised on a special 100-acre meadow. Dedicated caretakers select only the finest seeds and nurse them through the growing season to ensure unparalleled purity and therapeutic benefit of UMA’s oils.