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Thymuskin Forte Serum Gel Treatment 200ml

Brand: Thymuskin
SKU: Thymuskin_ForteSerumGel_100ml

The dermatological THYMUSKIN ® FORTE system against severe hair loss and for the activation of new hair growth

NEW: Now free from Sodium Laureth Sulfate! (this is currently only for the 200ml size)
silicone-free, paraben-free and free of animal ingredients, 200ml for approx. 100 days of therapy

The biologically highly active  THYMUSKIN ® FORTE Serum for application to the scalp, to be used specifically:

  • Especially suitable for the regenerative care of hair loss due to chemotherapy
  • Strong hair loss, already existing bald spots
  • Especially for stressed scalp
  • Active ingredient concentrate increased by + 100% & high levels of additional care substances
  • Can be combined with all Thymuskin shampoos
  • System: Shampoo & Serum for combined daily use
  • High effectiveness & free of side effects
  • Dermatologically tested