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THYMUSKIN Classic Serum (Hair Treatment) 100ml

Brand: Thymuskin
SKU: Thymuskin__ClassicSerum__100ml
Universal use against hair problems. Reinforces hair providing noticeably thicker hair & improved scalp coverage. Clinically proven to reduce hair thinning & shedding. Highly effective & well tolerated. Stimulates and activates new hair growth from dormant hair follicles and fights against androgenetic hereditary hair loss and dandruff. The Serum does not leave any residue and will penetrate deeply into the scalp with a light manual message. For optimal effectiveness Thymuskin Classic Shampoo & Thymuskin Classic Serum should be used in conjunction with each other. Mix & match with all Thymuskin Shampoos (MED, CLASSIC, FORTE). The 100 ml size of the Thymuskin Serum should last approximately 6 to 8 weeks. 

This product is for application to the scalp - specifically to the hair follicles.
It is biologically active with GKL-02 ingredient complex.
Nourishes the scalp and hair roots
Infuses vital nutrients to the scalp
Best for: Normal to oily scalp