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The LaySee Pillow - The Pillow Designed with Your Glasses in Mind - Pillow with Plush Pillow Case (Gray)

SKU: TheLaySeePillow_Gray


  • Are you sick of being uncomfortable whenever you lay down with your glasses on? You shouldn't have to settle for your glasses smashing into your face and breaking, nor should you have to put in contacts just to lounge on the couch and watch TV.
  • Meet your new best friend in comfort. The LaySee Pillow’s revolutionary design gives your glasses much needed space when you lie down.
  • It packs an ultra soft, stay cool latex core that provides amazing head and neck support that you won't find in with average couch pillows...Which means frustrated glasses wearers like you can finally watch TV, read and play on your phone in PEACE! Want to see what the hype is about? Get your LaySee Pillow today!
  • The LaySee Pillow is known for its high-end comfort and long-lasting durability! Therefore, it only makes sense that the pillow cases must live up to the same standard.
  • The LaySee Pillow Case is made from a strong plush fabric called Velboa. Due to the soft touch and time-tested strength, this material is often used for children's garments to reduce skin irritation, and hold up after constant wear-and-tear.