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The Lapel Project - 007 Black Satin Lapels Bow Tie Set

SKU: TheLapelProject_007BowTieSet


One Black Satin Bow Tie and a Pair of Solid Black Satin Adhesive Lapels


  • 100% satin
  • To clean your lapels we recommend using a lint roller or a damp cloth. Do not dry clean your lapels.
  • 100% Black Satin Lapels
  • 100% Black Satin Bow Tie
  • The ultimate transformation of a suit to tux. A black satin lapel made to convert any suit to a tuxedo in seconds. No longer will you ever have to rent or purchase another tuxedo again!
  • As seen on ABC's Shark Tank, can turn your suit into an instant conversion piece.
  • The Black Satin lapel is designed to fit Notch & Peak Lapel Suits

Brand Info

Sebastian Garcia, Founder & CEO of The Lapel Project, brought the idea to Shark Tank after spending decades in the men's formalwear industry. He had seen hundreds of men pay for expensive suits and tuxedos they may only wear once.

Garcia wondered, What if you could instantly transform a blazer you already own into a tuxedo – and, why can't a tuxedo stand out in a room even if it's a rental tuxedo?

The Lapel Project is now a growing force in the menswear industry, bringing the newest fundamental accessory to men's formalwear in over 300 years. The products' design, affordability and ease of use make a fashion upgrade accessible to every man.