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T. LeClerc Pressed Powder - No. 08 Cannelle

Brand: T. LeClerc

Based on natural rice starch that catches the light, it provides an even and natural complexion.
This powder is well-tolerated by the most sensitive skin, and also serves as protection against pollution and solar radiation. Its soft and fine texture structures the skin with lightness and day-long comfort.
Application: Let your base or foundation be absorbed for few minutes before applying loose or compact powder. Apply generously with a velour puff over concealer or base.
Use a large flat powder brush for a more subtle effect when applying over foundation. Smooth off any excess powder with a large powder brush.

Ideal for touching up your make-up Gives a luminous finish & brilliant look Fine texture glides on skin smoothly Leaves skin velvety, matte, silky without dryness Helps your complexion look natural & flawless Dermatologist tested