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T. LeClerc Pressed Powder Safran

Brand: T. LeClerc
SKU: T. LeClerc_10SAF


With its delectably fine and soft texture, the T.LeClerc Pressed Powder creates a lasting matt finish and a velvety-smooth, radiant complexion. Complexion expert since 1881, T.LeClerc offers a wide range of colors matched with the most popular colors of the Legendary Loose Powder. These shades are adapted to all skin types. 

Safran - Sienna shade. Evens out very dark and half cast complexions. Warms mid tone complexions.

Formulated using rice starch, the T.LeClerc Pressed Powder offers mattness and lasting hold. The powder’s talc content gives it a fine and incredibly soft texture. Zinc oxide and pigments correct minor skin blemishes. 


In 1881, the pharmacist Théophile LeClerc developed a secret rice powder formula in his pharmacy, a stone’s throw from the Place de la Madeleine in Paris. This powder gave ladies’ complexions a radiance and smoothness beyond compare.
The legendary “T.LeClerc” powder was born. Théophile LeClerc’s powder was initially commercialised in 6 shades, including the famous “Banane” shade, and rapidly became an essential accessory for all ladies of elegance in the “Belle Epoque”.