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T. LeClerc Loose Powder Cannelle

Brand: T. LeClerc
SKU: T. LeClerc_35CAN

Amazingly fine and light loose powder based on pure rice starch provides matte finish and visibly smoothes the skin. Poudre T. LeClerc incomparably masters light and hides flaws while magnifying the complexion.
This powder is well-tolerated by the most sensitive skin, and also serves as protection against pollution and solar radiation. Application: Let your base or foundation be absorbed for few minutes before applying powder.
Apply generously with a velour puff over concealer or base. Use large powder brush for a more subtle effect when applying over foundation. Smooth off any excess powder.

Arrives in a hand-sealed silver metal box.Cannelle - This sunkissed beige is suitable for all complexions. It unifies matt or tanned complexions and warms up pale skin tones. Significantly reduces redness.