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T. LeClerc Bloom Effect Mascara Noir 9.5 ml

Brand: T. LeClerc
SKU: T. LeClerc__MB01


  • Your lashes appear bolder and thicker, and acquire an incredible volume. Let's have a closer look at the long, curved brush, inspired by eyelash curlers.
  • The brush reshapes the curve of your lashes for a spectacular panoramic effect.

Its last round brush sheath and visibly thickens your eyelashes. The result will be even more impressive and captivating.


In 1881, Théophile LeClerc developed a secret formula of rice starch powder in his pharmacy close to the Place de la Madeleine. This powder gives women's complexion an incomparable brilliance and velvety. The legendary "LeClerc powder" was born. First declined in 6 shades, including the famous "Banana", the famous powder becomes essential for all the elegant of the "Belle Epoque".