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Solinotes Paris Magnolia Eau de Parfum, 50 ml

Brand: Solinotes
SKU: Solinotes_SOL-50MAGN/310589

Details: Pink & glamorous Magnolia by Solinotes is femininity incarnate with a fragrance like a springtime floral bouquet. 

♥ 50 ml Eau de Parfum made in France. 

 Floral fragrance
TOP NOTES: Seringa, Honeysuckle
HEART NOTES: Magnolia, Sambac Jasmine, 

Brand: Solinotes was born from a simple ambition:
offer a new, 100% POSITIVE, 100% CREATIVE, 100% FUN vision of perfumery.
Solinotes wanted to move away from the standardised offer and compartmentalised approach to perfumery which encourages us to choose between uniqueness and accessibility.

A fun universe with no inhibitions, ultra-colourful packaging, quality perfumes...
Solinotes is a cheerful invitation to be creative which includes no less than 15 “notes”.
Each Solinotes perfume is the interpretation of a key note (“Soli” - “Notes”), blending together elegant, sought-after perfumery essences.

The Solinotes eaux de parfum were specifically developed to be worn alone, or layered to create a unique signature scent.
With our new collection of 15 fragrances, a multitude of scented combinations can be created to suit your personality, style and mood.
A simple concept which, like a fashion accessory, gives each woman the freedom to flaunt her own identity and express her femininity!"