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SMD Cosmetics Inhyunjin Cream Intensive Night Repair - Anti-Aging and Deep Hydration Skin Solution - 45ml…

SKU: SMD_NightCream_45ml

Instantly helps to drive moisture deep into the skin for long lasting hydration, rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits.
Helps to address visible signs of aging with our exclusive fermented Chinese matrimony vine extracts. This powerful formula works while you sleep, to help achieve skin that feels more youthful, silky and smooth.

Inhyunjin Cream Intensive Night Repair: 45ML/1.52 fl oz

After cleansing, Inhyunjin Toner, Inhyunjin Essence, and Inhyunjin Emulsion, apply a small amount of Inhyunjin Cream to the face and neck. Gently massage in an upward and outward motion, to allow nutrients to absorb into the skin.