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Skincando Combat-Ready Bug Repellant 2.7 oz

Brand: Skincando
SKU: skincando_bugrepellant

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Powerful artisanal bug spray made with natural ingredients including lemon tea tree, aloe + citronella oil. Originally used by U.S. Troops overseas to repel mosquitos, sand fleas, ticks and other biting insects.

Can be used on adults, kids + pets. One of our top selling products!

Size: 2.7oz

Brand: Skincando was created by Sara Damelio, an esthetician with 20+ years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry.

These artisanal products are crafted with full-spectrum organic + unique superfood ingredients.

After 10 years of cosmetic chemistry and nutrition research, our luxury skincare is now available.

Simply packaged in glass, our hand crafted products are made with locally-sourced whole food ingredients mixed with organic herbs, extra virgin fruit seed oils, adaptogens, supplements, clay, teas and spices..