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Skin An Apothecary Soy Body Whip Iris

SKU: SkinAnApothecary_IrisBodyWhip_16oz


The new scent Iris is a warm, feminine blend of iris petals and purple freesia....chased by a hint of fresh, green pear and made just a bit moody by the addition of amber and patchouli. Feminine with a dark side. Getting rid of dry skin doesn't have to mean getting greasy. Lighter than balms and butters, Skin An Apothecary's Soy Body Whip is a fluffy body cream that gives dry dull skin a hydrated glow. Apothecary's blend of Vitamin C, Soy and coconut oils aids in restoring a healthy moisture balance by infusing the skin with essential fatty acids and nutrients.

About Skin Apothetique

Skin Apothetique is a line of nourishing personal care products created in the spirit of honoring past traditions of beauty and well-being. Rather than jumping on the latest beauty trends, we at Skin believe in building on the wisdom handed down from past generations. We try to honor this lore by hand-mixing luxurious formulas using only high-quality ingredients. Our pantry of natural herbs, fruit, honey and oils enable us to create products that soothe the body and the senses