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Shelley Kyle Signature Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 575g

SKU: ShelleyKyle_LPSK

A good body powder can do wonders for any woman’s skin and self-esteem. Our Signature Linen & Body Powder Talc-Free is the perfect lightweight way to absorb moisture while softening and smoothing your skin. This product also leaves you with our Signature scent that includes crushed violet leaves, freesia and lemon zest. Try it today!

Mandarin, Fresh

Petitgrain, Lemon

Floral, Musk


As strong as Scarlett with a similar flair for conquering tough situations, Shelley approaches her business with passion- she works to live the life she destines versus succumbing to the whims of the world.

Dance as inspiration…

Shelley Kyle knows how powerful dance is as a creative expression. Her approach to the business of her fragrance line is to fuel her ability to dance. She knows dance isn’t perfect and that is part of it’s beauty. By crafting beautiful fragrances for the home and body, Shelley is able to combine passions that complement each other.