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Shear Revival Loom Shampoo 16oz Men's Shampoo Refill Moisturizing & Soothing Effect Made with Aloe Vera & Chamomile

SKU: ShearRevival_LoomShampooRefill16oz


  • Shear Revival 16oz Loom Shampoo Refill is the perfect shampoo for men to get healthy moisture and life into the hair.
  • Made with Aloe Leaf Juice. Aloe vera contains something called proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp and leaves your hair all smooth and shiny.
  • Made with Chamomile which is a natural anti-dandruff agent. In addition, it also soothes the irritated scalp. It hydrates the scalp, thus eases the associated irritation and itching.
  • Ingredients: Aloe Leaf Juice, Coco Betatine, Coco Glucoside, Chamomile Herbal Distillate, Glycerin, Decyl Glucoside, PEG, 7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol.
  • Shear Revival started in a small kitchen in Asbury Park, NJ in October of 2013. After not being satisfied with what the grooming market had to offer, we set out to create a product that works, with ingredients that you can pronounce, while always keeping health & wellness in mind.