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Sage Onyx Roll-on Perfume Oil

Brand: Sage

"At first whiff I feel all the warmth. When I close my eyes it takes me back to bonfires on the beach or pina coladas outside under tiki torches. I get the smokeyness and the sweetness of the coconut. The dry down in more mellow. I lose a bit of warmth and I find that it smells almost identical to a coconut incense I was obsessed with a few years back. A scent that constantly receives the rave of "Hmmm, what smells so good?" " a review by S. A.

Onyx perfume oil by Sage. A natural essential and fragrance oil blend using only the highest quality ingredients. Contains no alcohol or water. 1/8 oz. roll-on bottle in a hand made Japanese Washi paper box, the perfect travel perfume. Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Renowned Los Angeles jeweler and artist, sage Machado has created fragrances inspired by the gems she works with. These fragrances are her best sellers and have developed a cult following among niche fragrance lovers. The Sage Brand was a pioneer in natural green beauty products. Paraben, sulphate, and phalate free. A wonderful luxury gift under $50.

Natural perfumes have a richness, clarity and complexity. They are good for people sensitive to regular perfumes. The concentrated oils have 3 times the fragrance of a classic eau de parfum. To use: roll gently over pulse points.