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Belegenza RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment 6 oz.

Brand: Belegenza
SKU: Belegenza_ RoMANceDeepConditioning

RoMANce will make your hair look and feel so good

The formulation is made from tried and true natural and exotic ingredients. We can honestly say that no other product packs so many hair secrets together. RoMANce creates a recipe that exceeds even the most demanding celebrity stylists and their clients. 
The recipe contains the effective parts of plants, oils, seaweeds, and such. They provide a “world-class energizer” for your hair that performs on coarse to fine hair. 
RoMANce intelligently manages structural and moisture levels. It generates an unbelievable shine, strength, moisture balance and response from your scalp to the tips of the hair. 
RoMANce contains the finest natural ingredients : A combination of fruit and vegetable extracts provide a “world-class energizer” for your hair. Feel the love and strength of a unique blend of star ingredients. 
We call the recipe “candy for your hair”. 
Color Safe – Salt and Sulfate Free 
There are no fillers, no silicones, no plasticizers, no alcohol. Simply pure goodness to create luxurious hair. 
And for those who color their hair, RoMANce is a must if you wish to keep the color as long as possible and reduce fading. 

Use regularly for optimal results.