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Rance Olio di Rose Luxury Soap

Brand: Rancé
SKU: Rance_Rance_6-126RS241-2


6 x 3.5oz/100g bars

Rance Olio di Rose Soap is  designed for the true rose lover with a blend of three precious rose oils. Beautiful handmade, pink embossed soaps in a mint green silk moire paper box with gold overlay.The Main Notes are Rose and Rose Oil. The soap is suitable for all skin types but it is especially recommended for dry, sensitive and aging skin. It is a high quality Soap made with the highest quality, natural ingredients.


About Rance

Rancé has proudly produced fine beauty soaps since 1795. The family’s closely guarded methods and formulas remain unchanged. Today, as in 1795, absolute & natural ingredients chosen for their freshness and purity are used according to strict traditional formulations. Rancé soaps are handmade, triple milled; hand wrapped and presented in hand made boxes making them a truly unique and specialized gift for any occasion.