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Prospector Co. Wormwood Absinthium Hand & Body Cream

SKU: ProspectorCo_WormwoodAbsinthiumCream
This hand and body cream takes its inspiration from the infamous hallucinogenic plant that both inspired and drove people mad during the mid to late 1800s. The French Impressionists sensationalized its beverage form, depicting cafe patrons in a mindless somber. With this cream form, presented as "a non-hallucinogenic skin hydrant" you can expect the sweet subtle smell of Absinthe mixed with Marjoram, Shea Butter and Cucumber extract. Its effects might not inspire you to paint or cut off your ear, but its all-natural hydrating properties will take the stress off your hard-working hands and feet. Light and extra absorbent, this cream will leave any skin surface that it touches feeling hydrated, smooth and refreshed. The simple volume of ingredients void of artificial additives and colourings makes it safe for all skin types and leaves skin with a non-oily finish.