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Premax Nail File for Men with Ring Lock System

Brand: Premax
SKU: Premax_11536


13 cm

Beauty item with ring lock system, which eliminates definitively the problem of screw loosening and the consequent malfunctioning of the blades. Ring Lock Line products guarantee a cutting precision and a life of the cutting edge twice as better than traditional scissors. The ergonomic handles, specifically designed for women, along with the elegant forms and the pink ring, make this product line unique and exclusive.

About Premax 

The Consorzio Premax includes about fifty companies, with more than 300 employees, specialized in the manufacturing of scissors, shears, knives and other cutting items. Founded in 1974, it is responsible for the study, design, promotion and sale of products made in Premana worldwide. The long experience, high specialization of the staff, continuous research of the best materials, combined with the local production of machineries designed specifically for the manufacture of cutting instruments, allow us to offer a wide range of high-quality products. Accurate controls carried out during the production and final tests carried out by highly qualified personnel guarantee an excellent product.