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Pour le Monde Together All Natural Eau De Parfum

SKU: PourLeMonde_39191


1.7 oz

When nature and elegance come together, what results is a light and floral fragrance which creates a romantic and happy mood. The top notes of lemon and bergamot combined with the popular flowers of jasmine, violet, freesia, and lilac spotlight the vibrancy of romance; unmasking the florals of the heart. 

About Pour le Monde:

Pour le Monde’s classic eau de parfums are the only certified 100% natural fine fragrances available. Each one of their complex and elegant fragrances is vegan and cruelty free. Created by a former fashion magazine executive who when pregnant, couldn’t find natural perfumes that weren’t oily roller balls or smell sophisticated. Hailed by industry experts as a breakthrough in natural fragrance creation, Pour le Monde’s eau de parfums use the ancient technique of perfumery, resurrecting the time when fragrance was pure. All of their scents are created entirely from pure, high quality ingredients and represent a luxurious new era in scent craft; one that supports health of body and spirit as a universal expression of beauty.