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Papa Bear Bowl Camping Cookware Pot

SKU: BearMinimum_PAPBL001


128 oz


The Papa Bear, The big guy. The best of both worlds. A gallon capacity when assembled and like all Bear Bowls it folds flat. Cary water from the stream. Cook for the family, Use it as a sink to wash up with. Who knows what else you will come up with. The Papa Bear is a 6-inch cube and weighs 14.5 oz. It holds up to 128 oz = 1 gallon= 3.79 liters.

Brand Info

We’ve always been fascinated with great camping and survival gear. That fascination has driven our innovative nature to solve problems for the outdoors. At an early stage we saw the need for cookware to be more compact, but the only options available were smaller versions of kitchen pots and pans that were already on the market. Nesting pots are okay but we knew there had to be a more innovative solution.