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Ormonde Jayne FRANGIPANI Eau de Parfum Natural Spray, 50ml

SKU: Ormonde_38-5 EDP2

With its large elegant cream coloured petals, frangipani is perhaps the queen of all tropical flowers. The heart of the structure is a fabulous heady fusion of frangipani, jasmine and tuberose absolutes, elevated with plum, water lilies and green orchid oil. The scent has great foundations and architecture, the notes are soft, captivating and unforgettable.

Linden Blossom, Magnolia Flower and Lime

Frangipani, Rose, Tuberose, Water Lilies, Plum and Orchid Oil

Amber, Musk, Cedar and Madagascan Vanilla


Created in 2003 as part of our initial quartet of scents, Frangipani became an instant best seller on the back of an experiment conducted by Tatler magazine, where only the perfume was presented, without any PR, advertisement or photography.

Luca Turin, world-renowned perfume critic selected Frangipani by Ormonde Jayne as one of his 3 favourite perfumes from a blind test of 64 of the world’s most famous perfume launches over the past year. The rest is history!