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Nova White Musk Roll On Fragrance

Brand: Nova

This is our take on the classic white musk - and our creamy, cloudy equivalent of the Perfect White Tee / Perfect White Blouse. It’s affect lands somewhere between cotton and silk.

Unisex. Features encompassing notes of Powder, White Amber and Musk with hints of Coconut, Aloe, White Blossoms and Cream.

In three words: Cozy, Clean, Airy.

The NOVA Musk Quartet plays within different aspects of nature - White Musk evokes clean, hazy air, Mineral Musk jewel’d water, Beige Musk creamy ancient woods, Green Musk fresh, lively greens. Each musk initially emits as a full fragrance then dries to an aromatic bouquet atop musky, "pheromonal" base notes which react to each wearer's skin. The effect is subtle, natural, sensual.