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Nouba Rouge Bijou Lipstick 06

Brand: Nouba
SKU: nouba_30014
Details: Precious Lipstick with a peculiar creamy touch. A sumptuous palette of vibrant colors to give the lips charm and seductive power. Instant payoff and luminous finish.
Ergonomic shape to ensure a professional application.
The packaging has a practical mirror and an elegant sparkle: a real treasure!

Brand: Nouba was founded in 1978 thanks to the magical clash between Rosy Armanini, a talented italian make-up artist, and one of the NUBA tribes during her trip to Africa. Struck by the beauty of the colours used to celebrate the party and the joy of living, she came back to Italy and started to develope make-up products with mesmerizing colours.
Always attentive to product performance and to women needs, Rosy focuses her artistic talent on the ancestral communicative power of colour that dominates, teaches and molds itself into amazing make-up.
Its experimental attitude led her to create multifunctional products with multiple simultaneous uses, anticipating the recent market trends and following her mantra: "...first it becomes fashion".
Over the years, the assortment has been enriched with innovative products conquering new markets, thanks to a wide collection that is able to meet the "Nouba's Tribe" needs.
She was convinced that every woman belongs to the same tribe, regardless of her ethnicity, cultural background and artistic expression.
A tribe of contemporary heroines, imbued with their everyday life, whose nature is changeable, authentic, war-like, fragile and determined, characterised by endless contradictions but united by a single desire: being beautiful and loving colours.