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Noomi Stockholm BirdTech Hybrid Overnight Serum and Cream - 50ml

SKU: NoomiStockholm_BirdTechHybrid


  • A nature-given anti-ageing elixir, created from the nutrient-rich fruits of Nordic forests. This potent botanical serum blends 55% Nordic Birch Sap and the #1 anti-ageing ingredient, retinol.
  • All our formulas are 100% natural. Made from intensively fortifying high-quality actives that are backed by science. Every ingredient infused into our formulas has a purpose - it's this potency which makes our products so effective.
  • Nourishing, organic Lingonberry, Chaga, Roseroot and Birch Sap hydrate and repair your skin
  • Noomi is devoted creating innovative skincare solutions. infusing our formulas with our nordic roots and principles to deliver formulas fresh from nature. Every thing we do here is with quality, honesty and purity at the forefront
  • Certified Cruelty-free & Vegan! Does not contain synthetic ingredients or perfume. This product is not diluted with water.