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Momotaro Apotheca Tonic Bath + Body Oil Concentrate and spot treatment - For Discomfort from BV & Yeast Infection Support, Razor Burn, & Ingrown Hairs with soothing Jojoba oil base - 55 ml | 1.9 fl oz



  • Relax and rejuvenate with this soothing Jojoba oil based bath tonic and spot treatment naturally rich in vitamins that help soften, nourish, and restore sensitive skin.
  • Infused with ingredients like Cedar Wood and Oregon Grape, our signature Tonic can be used as a spot treatment to address discomfort associated with yeast infections and BV, as well as general irritation from, clothing, exercise, and more.
  • Draw a hot bath for a body-balancing soak to naturally soothe discomfort and help prevent future irritation. Apply it post wax or shave to avoid razor burn and soothe ingrown hairs.
  • Recommended Ritual: Add 5 to 10 droppers-full to a clean, warm bath and soak as desired. The Tonic can also be applied topically as a spot treatment for blemishes, ingrown hairs, or applied as a pre, during, and post shave oil.
  • Alcohol, fragrance, and filler free. Natural separation of oils may occur without chemical additives, so gently shake before use. Tonic is safe to use on all body parts, but please note this is not for internal use, and you should avoid contact with broken skin and mucous membranes.