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MiN New York Wash Daily Shampoo 8.5oz

SKU: MinNy_WashShampoo8.5oz

Proactively create a healthy hair and scalp environment with Wash, step two of MiN New York's Active Hair Care Cleansing System. WASH is a luxurious paraben and sulfate-free daily shampoo that inhibits DHT and delivers essential nutrients. Our WASH is now more gentle, natural, and has no color added.

Genetics, stress and other preexisting conditions are among just some of the reasons for hair loss and thinning hair. Our focus is on what medical experts have named the leading cause: DHT. Also known as dihydrotestosterone, DHT is the result of 5-alpha-reductase (an enzyme) acting upon hormones produced by both men and women. It collects at the base of the hair, restricting its growth. At first, the hair will thin, then the follicle will be asphyxiated and hair loss will occur. Our product uses natural ingredients essential for healthy hair and scalp.


MiN NEW YORK is a New York City based fragrance label designed to represent a lifestyle wrapped in scent.

MiN NEW YORK Scent Stories are both timeless and refined, allowing you to heighten your best self without compromising authenticity. Produced in Grasse, France, each fragrance is skillfully designed with the purpose of passing down that authenticity to you, illuminating the path to a well lived life.

MiN NEW YORK Bath + Body products are created by carefully blending our fragrance with the most innovative and sophisticated skincare products. Each use is specifically designed to provide an elevated experience and unique moment within your daily skincare regimen to enhance your overall life.