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Men Orange Patchouli Fragrance Maroma 10 Ml Liquid

Brand: Maroma
SKU: Maroma_ML14-A04


10 mL


  • Highly concentrated men's fragrance, just a dab is all that is needed
  • Fragrance lasts all day when sparingly applied to pulse points
  • Patchouli Oil is lightened with fresh orange notes
  • Inspires the intuitive nature to enhance creativity and innovation
  • Patchouli oil has been known to act as an aphrodisiac ...

Brand Info

All of Maroma’s product lines are developed to create a feeling of well-being and inner balance. Most of Maroma products are 100% natural: they use natural essential oils and no chemicals. They are constantly working towards replacing synthetic raw materials with natural ingredients whenever possible, including natural preservatives and natural colors. Maroma products comply with international natural body care standards.