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Martial Vivot Conditioner


ORGANIC ALOE-BASED FORMULA - Nourishes and hydrates Easy rinseability, prevents product build up.
VITAMIN B COMPLEX - Invigorates to densify and strengthen the hair Promotes healthy hair growth, Inhibits graying, and Conditions and smooths for optimum finish.
VITAMIN C - Antioxidant properties. Energizes scalp for healthy hair growth and Balances sebum. Inhibits dandruff.
AMINO ACID COMPLEX, QUINOA & BAMBOO - Improves color retention and Repairs hair shaft. Improves luster, shine and manageability. Strengthens and moisturizes
PLANT OIL BLEND - EFAS - Conditions, restores and replenishes. Nourishes and hydrates. Improves luster, shine and manageability
LOQUAT LEAF EXTRACT - Promotes healthy hair growth
COENZYME Q10 - Antioxidant properties and Promotes healthy hair growth
MINERAL COMPLEX - Energizes the scalp and Inhibits graying
VITAMIN A & E - Conditions and moisturizes and Inhibits dandruff