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Maroma Men Olibanum Citrus Fragrance

Brand: Maroma

Maroma MENSplendid fragrances that area inherently masculine yet utterly appealing to the opposite sex.

Maroma MEN is a line of products centered around three meticulously crafted fragrances. Each was blended with natural essential oils to pleasingly underscore the daily routines of today's man - be it at work, a night on the town or quiet evening at home.

These bottles are deceptively small. They contain long lasting, hihgly concentrated fragrances bleded with fractionated Cooconut oil. Just a little dab on the wrist, neck or other pulse points an you are good to go for the entire day --- or night.

MAROMA MEN's rich fragrances are long lasting though never overwhelming and make perfect gifts for frequent flyers as the small bottle sizes easily go through security screening. The dilemma for consumers is trying to decide which one to buy. They all terrific!




SIZE: 10 ml Liquid