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Luna Nectar Antarctic Hair Shine Glass Rinse

SKU: LunaNectar_LN010


  • MODERN FORMULATION OF TRADITIONAL ACV RINSE - Antarctic is an updated, lavender-scented twist on the traditional Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. Your hair won't smell like a salad!
  • SEALS HAIR CUTICLE AND ADDS GLOSS: Infused with hair-nourishing peptides and vitamins and formulated with a fine quality apple cider vinegar (that smells like apples!), Antarctic seals the cuticle and makes your hair glossy.
  • RESTORES BALANCE TO HAIR pH: Unlike many hair products that imbalances the scalp and results in dry, damaged hair, Antarctic lowers and balances the pH of hair, bringing back the luster, smoothness and strength.
  • SIZE: 240ml / 8 fl.oz