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La Maison de la Vanille Vanille Noire du Mexique 8.5 oz Moisturizing Body Lotion

SKU: LaMaisonDeLaVanille_MEXBL


LA VANILLE NOIRE DU MEXIQUE is a voyage, a fleet of white panamas on a sky blue background.

The first subtle note of bergamot mysteriously evaporates in the sweet warmth of vanilla balm, opoponax, iris and tonka bean. Slightly powdery and intriguing, it is the scent of refined femininity. 

  • Top note :  Bergamot
  • Middle note : Rose, Jasmin
  • Base note : Vanilla, Iris, Patchouly, Opoponax


La Maison de la Vanille, founded in 1996, was the idea of a passionate man, œnologist and perfume creator, Aldo Bielli. Frequently solicited by major brands in the perfume and cosmetics industries, he decided to dedicate his talent to his own perfume house.

Perpetuating the philosophy of its creator, the olfactory designers of la Maison de la Vanille invent fragrances and products which set the tone and inspire new ideas.