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Kusco Murphy Lavender Hair Creme

SKU: Kusco-Murphy_LavenderHairCreme_4oz


4 OZ


  • De-frizzes and softens
  • Enhances curls
  • Lavender fragrance


Brand Info

All Kusco-Murphy hair products are produced and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. 

The company believe in creating textured, beautiful locks with all hair types and styles in mind. All of their products can be used or mixed to create a wide variety of soft, sleek, tousled, sexy, or edgy looks.

Kusco-Murphy values simplicity. This means 100% vegetable-based ingredients, infused with the finest essential oils and extracts. 

They extract herbs, oils, and essences from nature, and aim to preserve that relationship by giving back to the planet that birthed us. They are conscious of their role in the world community: plant, animal and human.