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Kreyol Essence Haitian Black Castor Oil Kreyòl Longer Hair and Clear Skin As Seen On Shark Tank Original

SKU: KreyolEssence_TR-BCRI002-R


  • GROW FULLER, THICKER & LONGER HAIR Haitian Black Castor Oil has the highest level of Ricinoleic acid and Omega9 Fatty Acid which gives the oil its strong antiinflammatory and antibacterial properties, hence combating Infections and scalp disorders and increasing Hair Growth.
  • EXPERIENCE LONGER EYELASHES/THICKER EYEBROWS Haitian Black Castor Oil Is packed with omega6 fats, proteins and vitamins, it stimulates hair follicles, boosting growth of eyelashes and thickening of eyebrows naturally over time.
  • PROMOTE YOUTHFUL AND CLEAR SKIN Haitian Black Castor Oil is a safe and natural, noncomedogenic oil known to gradually heal blemishes, old scarring and rejuvenate the skin's elasticity.
  • MADE WITH LOVE FROM HAITI Our Haitian Black Castor Oil is extracted using a traditional method that includes roasting, grinding and cooking the castor seeds. This unrefined process helps to retain a rich, strong flavor and color that is true to its natural state. Unrefined oils are always darker in color and richer in scent. 100% PURE HEXANE FREE & SOLVENT FREE
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