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Kimberly Sayer Whitening and Brightening Face Serum

SKU: KimberlySayer_KS18


A synergistic blend of natural and organic lighteners that help reduce dark marks, hyperpigmentation and sun damage – and tighten to give skin a more youthful and toned appearance. It contains Atlantic Algae to fight free radicals, Seaweed Extract from the Arctic Circle, Wheat Extract and California Bear Berry Leaf to inhibit melanin production and Egyptian Neroli Oil, Olive and Lemon Extracts to brighten and lighten the skin naturally. Ideal for use under make-up.

Size: 1oz/30ml


  • Skin becomes lighter and brighter with regular daily use
  • Patented, calibrated Atlantic Algae fights free radicals and inhibits the enzyme that triggers melanin production
  • Seaweed Extract from the Arctic Circle inhibits melanin production and reduces pigment formation in the skin
  • Wheat Extract and California Bear Berry Leaf also inhibit melanin production and reduce pigment formation in the skin
  • Bisabolol Wood Oil heals & hydrates, also tightens and firms the skin
  • Alfalfa Extract stimulates cell renewal and tightens skin
  • Apply a small amount 2 times daily after cleansing and before hydrating. Visible results may be seen within 14 days of consecutive use. For accelerated results, use three to four times daily.


Gentle, non-GMO and chemical-free, based on the theories of ancient alchemists, Kimberly Sayer of London’s award winning products contain only the finest, steam distilled, certified organic ingredients such as Oat Beta Glucan, Sea Algae, rare Ugandan Shea Butter and powerful anti-aging botanicals, such as her patented ingredient Plant Pseudocollagen.