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House of Waris Botanicals Love Conquers All Herbal Tea, GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN

SKU: HouseofWaris_LoveConquersAll


  • Rose has been used as a sign of sensuality, luxuriousness, and love for centuries. We bring it to you as part of an intoxicating union of adaptogenic herbs that create an energetic and heart-opening tonic.
  • Blended with Shatavari, a natural remedy long used in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, it provides nourishment and rejuvenation, as well as supports and calms the body by reducing stress levels and providing balance.
  • Cleopatra is said to have included Saffron, still the most expensive spice in the world, as an aphrodisiac and to enhance the quality of lovemaking, and centuries later we are still reaping the benefits of this powerful botanical. We use it in our tea to enhance the joy-promoting activities and to lift the spirit of the drinker.
  • Add a little magic, beauty, and love into your every day with this herbalist formulated adaptogenic botanical blend.
  • Consider it your invitation to step forward into each day with love and passion. After all, love really does conquer all.


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