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HMM PENCIL BLACK - Aluminium pencil black

Brand: HMM


Weighted and balanced with a ​complete metal construction​, the HMM Pencil is ideal for both writing and sketching. The dodecagonal barrel provides a comfortable​ grip and keeps it from rolling away. The HMM Pencil comes in 0.7mm leads.

finely crafted milled aluminum, brass
30g, Ø11*136mm
Made in Taiwan


We interpret artifacts in a
heartfelt way.

We care about how the subtlety connects objects with humans.
From bestowing new meanings on daily supplies to realizing inspirations for future lifestyles, we create our works not only to function but to breathe life into the design.

We focus on polishing the details that make these utensils unique and human.
With selected materials and skilled craftsmanship, our classic and timeless products are ready to embellish your daily life.