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Hair Genesis Hair Loss Supplement


Thicken your thinning hair with newest maximum strength HairGenesis® Oral Tablets. Latest Generation 7 formulation safe for women. For best results, use daily in combination with HairGenesis® Trichoceutical™ Activator Serum, as directed.

The makers of HairGenesis® are proud to announce BRAND NEW HairGenesis® Maximum Strength Oral Tablets, the latest development in our ongoing product formula evolution. Utilizing methodology developed in cooperation with research collaborators at the University of Albany and elsewhere, BRAND NEW HairGenesis® Maximum Strength Oral Tablets incorporate a proprietary delivery system that is believed to yield up to 300% greater potency than our most recent maximum strength softgel-based formula.

As HairGenesis® has evolved a key paradigm has been our realization that it isn't sufficient to just create the most potent treatment composition. One also has to deliver the formula to the target tissue. Getting across the gastric mucosa and into the bloodstream is critically important as is reaching the key intracellular structures within the hair follicle itself.

By testing various regents and combinations of substances in their affect on molecular biodynamics, including gene expression, HairGenesis® has become an industry leader in the scientific development of truly effective clinical hair growth compositions. We are a data driven company. This means that we follow the data that arises from the pursuit of empirical, objective, highly validated R&D. Contrast this approach to that employed by other so-called naturally-based hair growth treatment lines. We are confident you'll see a clear difference.

Always choose wisely. Always choose HairGenesis®.

A scientifically formulated, orally administered, natural hair growth supplement designed to be used in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

Usage Instructions

Take one oral soft-gel by mouth daily.