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Gute Professional Dry Brush, Dry Skin Body Brush, Dry Brush with Cactus/Vegetable Bristles (Firm/Extra Firm Bristles)

Brand: Gute


  • HIGHEST QUALITY DRY BRUSH: This is a beautifuly ergonomically designed brush removes the dead skin very effectively without being to harsh. It effectively helps with ingrown hairs on both arms and legs legs
  • PROMOTES SMOOTHER AND BRIGHTER SKIN: Brushing slowly in circular motions with the Gute Dry brush - promotes hygienic skin health and cellulite reduction. It assists in improving vascular blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • LONG BRISTLES WITH DEEP REACH: The Long bristles can reach deep into the pores and unblock meridians to smoothen circulation and enhance blood flow, which can promote skin metabolism and fitness keeping and health care.
  • LARGE ENOUGH, YET EASY TO CONTROL: The brush size it fits very comfortably into your hand to allow for maximum results.
  • MADE WITH VEGETABLE AND CACTUS BRISTLES: Made with firm cactus and vegetable bristles cactus/vegetable bristles, this is the firmest type of bristle available.