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Belegenza Scalp Nutrient Spray 2 oz.

Brand: Belegenza
SKU: Belegenza_ScalpNutrientSpray

Encourage Hair Growth All Day

Powerful Food-grade fusion sprayed directly on the scalp to enhance healthy conditions for maximum hair growth. 
Compatible with all standard hair growth formulas, like Rogaine®, GrowOut sets the stage with nutrition for growth, instantly detangles, treats, shines and conditions weightlessly, especially beneficial to fine and thinning hair. 
Use before any hair growth products and styling aids and capitalize on the synergistic and vigorous hair growth effects. 
Protects hair up to 400º Fahrenheit, thus safe for high heat styling and compatible with extensions and hair replacements. 
Salt-free, so it is safe on Keratin Treated hair, too. 
Compatible with adhesives used with hair extensions, hair pieces, etc. so that you can apply at scalp. 
Concentrated so that you can use it on a daily basis without having to shampoo or worry that you will wet your style between the times you shampoo.

Use regularly for optimal results.