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Graftobian Deluxe Severe Trauma Special FX Makeup Kit

SKU: graftobian_88864

This Severe Trauma Deluxe Special Effects Makeup Kit contains everything you need to create realistic trauma simulation effects:

  • 6 creme make-up colors, 1 for a foundation skin shade and 5 for effects, such as bruising, breaks, contusions
  • Face powder
  • Powder puff
  • Make-up brush
  • Modeling wax
  • Stage blood
  • Spirit gum
  • Spirit gum remover
  • Liquid latex
  • 3 sponge wedge applicators
  • 2 stipple sponges
  • Red lining pencil
  • Black tooth wax
Full-color instruction sheets- 2 of them. One sheet for each face shown, 12 steps apiece

Clinging to life by a thread, hanging on despite taking a punishing beating! Nothing defines the human spirit as much as the ability to keep going even when subjected to Severe Trauma! Whether battling opponents, the elements, or even gravity, Graftobian’s Severe Trauma Kit - Deluxe is here to help you clobber your altered appearance!  This deluxe special fx makeup kit is stocked with professional quality makeup that will deliver stunning effects whether you are getting ready for Hollywood or Halloween!

The products included in this kit will allow for a variety of options in the creation of your severe trauma makeup.  Recreating some of the classics, a black eye, a broken nose, bruises, sores or blisters, is easy with the step-by-step instructions provided with this kit. As you become more comfortable with the components, you can easily recreate different trauma looks that draw their inspiration from movies, television, or your own imagination!

Our kits are specially designed to give you all the elements necessary to create a complete makeup from start to finish. In making your severe trauma look, a variety of skin effects can be achieved using our Liquid Latex. Examples include: blisters, torn skin, or peeling flesh. Modeling Wax, applied to a base of our Spirit Gum, can be used to build up cuts, breaks, and blisters on the less flexible areas of the skin. Liquid latex can also be used to seal wounds made with modeling wax. Next is our six-color crème-based makeup wheel. These colors are specially designed to work together to create realistic foundations, highlights, and shadows. The colors are easily applied with the included sponge wedges or brush. The included Red Lining Pencil allows for greater detailing and refinement of injuries. Follow this up with our translucent powder applied using the included puff. The powder “sets” your fx makeup, allowing it to last for hours. Blood Gel can be used to add a “fresh” look to any cuts, gouges, or scrapes. Finally, our Tooth Wax can be used to simulate the missing, broken, or rotted teeth, helping make your severe trauma injuries appear even more damaging. Graftobian Makeup is: “All the Makeup You Will Ever Need,” and our makeup kits prove it, time and again! It’s no accident, now is the time to hammer away at your look of Severe Trauma!

Brand: Graftobian takes pride in the fact that we manufacture our products here in the United States.  In these times of uncertainty regarding certain foreign products and their ingredients, you can rest assured that Graftobian Makeup Company produces Safe, Professional cosmetics which comply with the U.S. FDA regulations for ingredients and labeling.  The FDA works tirelessly to test and categorize various cosmetic ingredients as safe.  When the FDA rules that an ingredient is to be "delisted" that is the law as far as Graftobian is concerned.  Our product ingredients are top quality, cosmetic grade, FDA approved ingredients - ONLY!  Our cosmetics do not contain Lead, are fragrance free and formaldehyde free!  Our cosmetics are not tested on animals, other than humans of course. ;-)